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Sound Level Monitor

McLennan Sound Monitoring, Inc. offers two ranges of sound monitors. For High sensitivity area a 41dBA - 101dBA range, and a standard range of 61dBA - 121dBA. Each instrument is specifically constructed for continuous duty sound monitor to provide automatic and instant sound level information. The highly visible displays (digital and light bar) show current sound levels at a glance, even from across a room, to help audiences accurately assess their need for hearing protection or volume control. Remote or local sensor configuration provides for numerous applications.

Accurate Readings
Unlike portable sound level meters for occasional or momentary sound checks, this instrument is intended to be mounted in a permanent position, permitting the true variety of sound levels to be revealed. The two adjustable alarm options permit you to set each alarm for your specific critical sound levels. The 4-20mA current output option can allow for recording, data logging, and controller accessories.

Healthier Lifestyle
Noise control, public awareness and education are keys to a healthier lifestyle. McLennan Sound Monitoring, Inc. provides the tools you need to achieve these goals.

 Key Benefits
 • Always Shows How Loud an Area Is
 • Continuous, 24 Hour Operation
 • Dynamic, Super Bright LED Bar Graph Display
 • Large LED Numeric Display
 • Computer-Built, Durable Metal Case
 • True RMS Detection Technology
 • Referenced to NIST Traceable Source
 • Can Be Powered from an AC or DC Voltage Source
• Water, Corrosion, & Shock Resistant, Omni-Directional
  Electret Condenser Sound Sensor
• Either Remote or Local Sound Sensor Source Capability,
• Allowing Easy Management of Separate Areas
• Adjustable (61 – 122 dB) Excessive Sound Alarm
• Re-Range & Other Modification Possible
• Power Management, No Noise Uses No Power
• Monitoring Allows Noise Control

Remote Sensor
The remote noise sensor assembly consists of a noise sensor in a housing with an "on" indicator LED and four conductor cable. Due to the power-balanced low impedance return signal, the remote noise sensor can be placed up to 1000 feet away from the McLennan sound level monitor-transmitter without any significant change in the signal. Wiring instructions are supplied with the remote assembly.

Remote Sensor

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