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Product Specifications
 Digital Display Range: 61 – 124 dB
 Bar Graph Display Range: 61 – 121 dB
Standards: ANSI S1.4,1983, & IEC 651
Type: 2S Sound Level Meter
 Frequency Response Weighting: A
Time Response Weighting: Slow (10 dB Decay or Fall in 3 Seconds)
 Operating Temperature: 0 – 130°F
Sound Sensor: Electret Condenser Type
Power Supply: 12VAC, 15VDC @ 500mA Max
Shipping Weight: Approx. 8-9 lbs.
 Dimensions in Inches: 6.25" wide, 13.75" tall, & 1.6" deep
Calibration: Verify annually if necessary. Due to our moisture
  and shock resistant sensor, the need for calibration is unlikely.

Precise Calibration

Each instrument is referenced (by comparison testing) to NIST traceable standard. All instruments are calibrated by type 1 precision sound level metering and sound calibration instruments.

Alarm Options
Instruments can be manufactured with one or two alarms. Each alarm is adjustable from 61 to 123 dB levels. Alarms can be considered as high/low instrumentation style alarms. Each alarm activates an alarm indicator light and relay. Alarm indicator lights are bright red. Relay switching outputs are capable of 5-Amp., 250 VAC switching loads, and are isolated from any other circuitry.

Alarm 2
Has an additional "latching" option. This means, once activated, alarm 2 remains on. Alarm 2 must be reset in order to re-start its latching option.

4-20mA Current Output Option
Provides an adjustable DC current to represent a sound level range. Sound level ranges can vary from 20 to 40 dB. Zero levels can be as low as 65 dB. Current outputs are linear, but represent dB logarithmic ranges.

Remote Sensor Option
500 feet distance for remote sound level sensor placement. This allows special monitoring and distance monitoring applications.

Re-Ranging Instrument
For special sound level applications, instruments can be re-ranged. (For example: 31 to 91 dB instead of 61 to 121 dB.)

Contact McLennan Sound Monitoring, Inc. in Eugene, Oregon, for more information on the specifications of our sound level monitors.